Determining Admin$ share state

If Admin$ shares are not enabled you will see an error within the logs (as well as the Network Node's activity section) that looks like this:

Deployment results for
Starting DeployCAG onto ''
Deployment failed : The network'\\ADMIN$' path was not found.Deployment onto '' with username 'tn' using method 'Deployment on Windows via temporary service' failed, trying next set of credentials

Enabling Admin$ shares

 If a machine has Admin$ shares turned off, you must enable them before performing a remote deployment. You can use any one of the three methods listed below to turn on Admin$ shares.

  • Enable through the Windows Fix it for me tool
  • Open Windows Explorer from the Network Node and run:
  • Open Windows Command Line from the Network Node and type in:
    start \\\admin$ -username -password

After performing one of the steps listed above, you should see a network password prompt: 


Windows 8 and Admin$ Shares

On Windows 8 machines, Admin$ shares are not enabled by default. To enable the Admin$ share on Windows 8 Machines:

1. Run Regedt32 and browse to


2. Right-click the right panel to create a REG_QWORD (64-bit machines) or REG_DWORD (32-bit machines) value called LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy. Set its value to 1.

3. Ensure file sharing is turned on for both machines.

4. If the firewall is on, ensure that file sharing is allowed both in and out.


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