Hey you are also one of many people who are worried about the speed of their Internet? In fact, where we are talking about 4G and 5G, the fact is that our Internet does not actually run the way it runs in other countries. Although there are several countries where the speed of the Internet is so high that there is a second download and upload, the opposite situation is visible in India.

Although it has been somewhat changed since Reliance Jio came to India, it was really right after people were charged for the Internet, their faith rose from the Internet. However, on the other hand, the broadband speed is good in our country. Humans have broadband connections in their homes, through which they get a good Internet speed. Many broadband players have also emerged in our country. Recently, Tata Sky has also launched its broadband network, in addition to BSNL is the only broadband provider in India that people like the most. In some parts of the country, people do not trust any other telecom operator in place of BSNL.



How to double the speed of your Internet?

1. Get closer to your router:-

This step or trick can be called very easily, because you just need to get close to your router. Now whether you are using the Internet on desktop, laptop or mobile device, etc., changing the place of your router will help you get rid of many Internet problems. Also, if you place your router in a central place, etc., you will know the difference between the speed of your Internet automatically.

2. Restart the Wi-Fi router

Find the Small power button on the Wi-Fi router through which you can perform this task? It resets your Internet connection if you are troubled by an Internet problem. If you experience slow motion or are struggling to connect to the Internet, press this button and start again. A new connection can solve your problem right away.

3. Clean up your Wi-Fi router 

Dirt, dust, frozen land-all this can slow down your Internet speed by spoiling your cooling properties. In turn, this can make them more heat and trouble, allowing them to get into the crawl. This means that you have to keep cleaning this mess continuously, you have to choose a date to do so, on you can completely clean all this mess, and then you will see that the speed of your Internet makes a lot of difference. In addition, it will also save your device from overheating etc.

4. Use Anti-virus

Believe it or not, an Internet virus can seriously slow your connection. Therefore, the use of antivirus protection on your computer is mandatory. When malicious software affects your system, it can cause programs and applications to run slowly or without affecting your Wi-Fi connection. That's why you need a good anti-virus.



5. Check your cables, etc.

Cables that do not fit or loose may also slow down your Internet speed. Check the cables running from the Wi-Fi router to your wall outlet and replace them if they are corrupted. Because cables usually get worse over time. That's why you need to pay attention to cables, etc.

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