How to increase blog traffic by Facebook group:

Hey blog writers are disappointed and close the blog, but this is not a solution to this problem, today many people are trying blogger by creating blog aggregators, which can increase traffic on blogs. , some of which are also on the aggregator Facebook group, if you also want to increase blog traffic by Facebook, you can connect to the blog aggregator group Hindi and increase blog traffic by sharing your blog in that group.

Top Facebook Group Helps To Boost Traffic :- 


Here are some popular blog aggregator Facebook Group, where you can increase your blog traffic fairly quickly by joining the group and get as many backlinks as you can -

Blog Review
Blog Collection
Blog Forum
Indian bloggers and publishers

A group in the above group is public and a group is closed, if you share something in a closed group, unless the admin of the group allows that post to appear in the group, you don't see the post in the group, wait a bit for post approval and when you share something in a public group , it will appear immediately.

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