Learn how to message on WhatsApp for accurate details about live updates, warnings and rumors

All efforts are being made around the world to defeat coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has released WhatsApp numbers to create awareness among people and to provide accurate and accurate information about viruses to people. There is a dedicated boat, that is, when sending messages to this number, the robot will talk to the user through a message.


It is claimed that the WHO's new initiative will not only stop the spread of rumors but also provide information directly to people on WhatsApp to avoid the epidemic. Like the people, the Government of India has also launched the MyGov Corona Helpdesk on WhatsApp to provide information about the epidemic to its users.

The Ugandan Ai tweeted that boat (web robot) will provide users with the latest updates relating to Corona, as well as accurate and accurate information about the confusion and confusion associated with it. It will also receive the number of Corona cases, travel advice and the latest news.

Add numbers to your contact list to use this boat on WhatsApp, users will have to add + 41-79-893-18-92 numbers to their contact list. The user will then have to send a message to this WhatsApp number. However, WHO has also released a dedicated link for the same not offered to desktops/desktops. Can be used on laptops.

After connecting to the boat, the user will get a list of available options. It will allow the information to be accessed through the given number of options or through emoticons.

In addition, users will also be able to learn about the information related to the cause and its effects. The boat was developed by people, which will also be able to read all the latest positions concerning those. It will also give users the necessary information and a new story link that can be shared with another contact.

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