Google, the world's tech largest company, has made a big decision to ban its employees using the zoom app. According to media reports, Google sent an email to all its employees last week about banning the app. Google had told its employees through work from home that anyone who has installed the zoom app on their system will not work soon. Interestingly, Google's own software, which has been fast, is 'meat'. Meat is part of the G-Suite app.

A statement issued by Google said the company's new policy is clear. Employees don't have to use the 'Rejected App'. Recently, our security team has informed employees using zoom desktop client that it will no longer run on their corporate computer. This is because it has not lived up to our safety standards. Employees who are using zoom to stay in touch with family and friends can do so through web browsers and mobiles.

NASA and Elon Musk's company has also banned the zoom app

Earlier, NASA and Elon Musk's space acceleration company SpaceX has banned its use. The corona epidemic is a lockdown in all countries of the world.

People are working from home. Meanwhile, professional interest has grown in apps like Zoom. This is a teleconferencing app. But, with this, there are some concerns about privacy. According to The Bazfeed report

Space X has also prevented its employees from using zoom. On March 28, SpaceX sent a memo to its employees directing them not to explicitly use the zoom, Reuters reported.

There have been reports of online reports which show that there are some concerns about privacy and security with zoom.

The lack of end-to-end ink pins is a major concern. Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuhan said the company is taking necessary steps to meet the challenges. He will not launch any new features for the next 90 days. Instead, it will work on security and privacy issues.

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