Best plugin to convert a Wordpress Site into Mobile App.

Heyyy!!! Are you looking for a solution to convert your WordPress site into Mobile App? So you get the solution in this article,we will tell you about 4 best plugin to convert a Wordpress Site into Mobile App.

Most of the people prefer browse the internet and shop online by using their mobile apps. Apps are the most convenient to deliver content and give better mobile experience.

• What is the need to create Mobile app for your WordPress site?

When we see traffic of our website on Google analytics, then we see that most of the users are accessing our website from their mobiles. The easiest way to make sure the nice experience of users on any website is by making website Mobile Responsive.

To make a wordpress website Mobile Responsive means that website design in such a way that it adjust automatically to match the user's mobile screen. Almost all good Wordpress themes are Mobile Responsive. You can find great looking mobile responsive themes for WooCommerce .

However, some businesses may creating their own Mobile apps to offer a nicer user experience. Instead of visiting your website,users will be able to launch an app from their home screen to access their membership website, favourite blog,online store or online community. For building a Mobile App, programming skills are required.And there are many development agencies that will build a mobile app for your website.However,it cost a lot of money(15,000 and upwards).

If you want to build a mobile app in less amount then there are few Wordpress plugin. These plug in help you to convert your WordPress site into a Mobile app. These all are paid solutions,but it cost less way than hiring someone to build a new app for you.
You should need to keep in mind while you using these plugin,that these plugin still require intermediate to advanced Wordpress skills. For an absolute beginner, we recommend using a mobile responsive theme and improving your WordPress speed to gain more mobile users.
Here are some best plugin to convert your WordPress site into a Mobile app.4 Best plugins are as:- App presser, AndroApp, MobiLoud and WPapp.Ninja

1.App presser

App presser is an easy to use platform. This platform helps you to convert any WordPress site into Mobile App. They have dedicated WordPress Mobile themes that can be used to create an app for blog, WooCommerce store or BuddyPress website.

It is a visual app customizer which helps you to easily change the appearance of your app just you would do for a wordpress theme. You can add custom pages,customise colour, pull wordpress content and more. AppPresser offers integrated push notifications which is easy to set up and manage.


Andro App is another useful plugin to convert your WordPress site into Mobile app. It comes with offline support,multiple themes, unlimited push notifications, infinite scroll and native social sharing. It does not support WooCommerce and BuddyPress.

The plugin developer will help you configure and download your app which you can then submit to the play store yourself, or hire plugin author to do it for you. The big downside of this plugin is that the free version allows the developer to show their adds.


MobiLoud is a plugin which help in converting website into Mobile app.They have two products one for new pr blog sites and another one for using WooCommerce or other sophisticated plugins. It comes with custom branding, push notifications, mobile advertising support. The app is prepared and can also be submitted to app stores for you.


This allows you to create a Mobile app for your website. And allow you to publish it on Google Play Store and Apple store .You can buy a single lifetime license to build your app.amd there is no hidden fees. It gives you easy tools to upload your buttons,colours, icons and more.You will able to choose
the name, logo and theme of your mobile app It supports Google analytics, build in catching,offline content.and it has greater compatibility with all popular WordPress plugins.

We recommend you AppPress and MobiLoud for converting your WordPress Site into Mobile app. We hope this article helped you to know about the best plugins to Convert WordPress site into Mobile app

Published on: 9/28/22, 3:58 AM