Nokia 400 4G may be first Android feature phone in the Market

Nokia can soon launch its next 4G feature phone in India. Photos of this feature phone have been leaked recently. The smartphone can be offered at the Mobile World Congress 2020 (MWC) to be held next month. It can be launched in India soon after it is introduced at the world's largest tech event next month.


At present, Reliance Geo phone and Nokia's 4g feature phone are available as 4g feature phones in the Indian market. In Geo's feature phone, users can only use Geo's SIM card. In Nokia's feature phone, you can use the SIM card of any service provider.

So far, all the 4g feature phones that have been launched in India have been launched with KaiOS. This smartphone can be the first smartphone to be launched with Google's Android feature phone operating system.

The features of this feature phone have been used so far in physical buttons and touchless intersections. This feature phone can be given several google inbuilt apps like YouTube, Google Assistance, Google Chrome. Nokia launched the Nokia Flip 4g feature phone last year. This new feature phone can be launched with upgraded features compared to the previous phone.

Published on: 10/15/20, 4:54 AM