How to Choose the Right Android Operating System

Android is an open-source mobile operating system developed primarily for touch-screen mobile phones like tablets and smartphones, with modifications to the Linux kernel and free software. This Linux-based platform was released in 2020 and is now widely used across many mobile phone models from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Blackberry, and others.


Unlike its predecessor, Android runs on the Linux kernel. It is designed to be simple, easy, and fast to use. The aim of this open-source mobile platform is to make it easier and faster for users to access web sites and applications. A user can access any website or application through a single browser or using multiple smartphones with different display resolutions or with the help of a multi-touch enabled phone. This means that the screen resolution and the performance of any smartphone will be similar no matter what model is being used.


Android offers a number of different versions to suit every need. They range from the most basic, the "Kit Kat" version, which is considered to be the most popular among users, to the "Ice Cream Sandwich" version that is highly recommended for more advanced users.


The Android operating system has its own unique features, which are known as the "ROMs." These special versions of the operating system are designed to allow specific manufacturers to modify the code to provide specific features. However, it is still essential for users to read the instructions provided with the device before installing any specific ROMs.


As Android is an open-source software and can be modified by any third party, many malicious programs have also developed themselves into the Android system, which have been known to steal personal information from phones and steal data from SMS, emails, photos, contacts, call histories, and much more. Users should therefore ensure that they regularly check for updates, install antivirus programs, and update their phones with security patches and keep them away from hackers.



Because there are so many different versions of Android available, users can easily get confused when they need to choose between the various devices. There are even specialized websites which offer technical support services for choosing the right device for their needs.


For many users, the most important feature of Android is that it is free and open-source. This means that they can download it and use it for any purpose.


Some people say that the Android system will replace the iPhone. Although the latter is still popular with many users, the Android platform has made a lot of headway in replacing it. Users who have tried the open-source platform are not disappointed with its open-source nature, so much so that they have upgraded their devices over time to the latest Android releases.


Since the Android operating system is open source, it is able to be modified and changed on a regular basis. This enables programmers to create additional applications that add a lot of functionality to the Android operating system. Users can also change the system's hardware interface, system settings, and even its boot up and shutdown process.


Although the open-source platform allows users to customize it, they should remember that this system is not without limitations. It is possible to jailbreak the system to gain access to certain features, but this will void the warranty on the phone and make it vulnerable to bugs and hacks. In the end, the only limitation is the user's creativity.


Although the phone's software system is completely customizable, it is still important that users understand what the manufacturer wants them to do with the phone. Since the manufacturer is the one who will be able to change the Android operating system, users should try to understand where they want to take the phone.


The Android operating system allows users to customize their phones through the use of the device manager, which allows users to turn their phones on or off. as well as change their screen and keyboard layouts. This feature is useful for those users who want to change the look of their phone by installing new wallpaper and icons.

Published on: 12/3/20, 4:11 PM