Hidden Features of Android

At present time,most of the people use Android phones. But half of the people do not know about all the features of Android. We need to know about all the features of Android device so that we can use the Android devices properly. And get benefits of all the features that are present in Android phones.

To know about the hidden features of Android read the complete article. Here are some hidden Features of Android device:-

• Activation of Two finger prints

• Run app Side by Side

• Find the Phone when it is on Silent Mode

• Check the Hardware of Device

• Get the Deleted Notifications

• Hear the Notification

• Make the Notification Private

• Active two finger prints

Finger printing is one of the best feature of Android. By this feature our Android device become more secure. Android also gives us a feature of two or more than two finger printing. The benefits of more finger printing is when we doing some work and not able to unlock our phone with right hand then at time we can unlock our phone with left hand. You just need to add your finger printing in your device.

You can add 5 finger prints in your Android device.

How:  Settings> security and location > fingerprint In this way you can add finger print to your device.

• Run apps Side by Side

This is the new feature added to Android devices. With the help of this feature you can run app side by side or one above the other. To set this tap on the overview button( the square icon below the screen to the left) and choose which of your app you recently want to see. Hold and drag it to the left or top of the screen, then choose other open app to appear along side of under it.

• Find the Phone even when it is on Silent Mode

Most of the time our phone is on Silent mode and it is very hard for us to find the phone. In this situation you can use the function of Android Device Manager. By using Android Device Manager your phone can ring even when it is in silent mode.

For this you need to search in browser ' find my phone' through Android Device Manager and visit the website. In this you need to use that account by which you have signed in your phone.

After sign in you need to choose the option of ring the phone. After this your phone rings. This is very useful feature of Android phones

• Check the Hardware of Android Device

If you want to know that the hardware of your Android Device working properly or not,you need to install Phone tester from Play Store. By this app you can check the working of Hardware of your Android Device. This app gives you full information about battery temperature, camera and sensor activities.

• Get the Deleted Notification

Most of the times, we remove useful notification from notification panel by mistake. If this is also
happened to then this trick is very useful to you.

By following these steps you can get the Deleted Notifications

I) Go on the screen of your phone and long press on blank screen,you will get the option of widgets, click on widgets.

II) Now swipe to right side and search the setting shortcut widget and put it to home screen.

III)A menu open by setting shortcut. In this you can choose notification log.

IV) By clicking on this notification log shortcut appear on your screen. Now you can check the notification by clicking on notification history.

• Hear the Notification

When you get a important message or email. But you are busy and not able to see the message. Then this feature of Android is very useful to you. You need to download third party app Shouter, Speak Me or Read it to me. These types of app helps you to hear the notification.

• Make your Notification Private

People's do not want that their important notification in the phone can be seen by anyone. So to hide the notification you need to follow steps

Settings > Sound and Notification > Apps > Off the Notification. By doing this you can hide the notification of the apps which you do not want that other person can see.

These are some interesting features of Android Device. These features are very useful. And the Android users must need to know these features.

Published on: 7/27/22, 9:11 AM