Today almost everyone has a smartphone. Most of them prefer to use Android smartphones. If you also use a smartphone, the recent report is shocking to you.


According to a report released by a consumer firm, more than 1 billion Android users worldwide are facing threats such as data privacy and hacking.

The latest security updates and built-in protection for all these smartphones have not been released, according to the report. According to this report, 2 out of every 5 (40%) worldwide Android users haven't received the latest security update.

Published on: 10/15/20, 4:28 AM

In this difficult period of coronavirus, people's activity on social media has increased considerably. People on WhatsApp are sending news, information, notifications and photos related to coronavirus to each other. These images and videos take a considerable part of your phone storage. If you haven't purchased cloud storage on Google Drive or aren't using file storing service drop boxes, you'll need to keep deleting these photos or videos every few days.


Published on: 10/15/20, 4:26 AM

Have you been bored by the Mobile Hang problem? Never mind! I'm going to tell you, How to fix mobile Hang problem.

Does your mobile hang up a lot?

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5 Effective ways that helps to fix Mobile Hang problem :-

Published on: 10/15/20, 4:24 AM

After the incidents of data theft have surfaced, everyone has become vigilant about their personal mobile data. Now, while downloading a third party app, we are confused whether to download the app or not. Let us know some of the essential things that will end our dilemma. If we take care of the common things while downloading any third party app, we will be able to avoid the dangers of the third party app.

Published on: 10/15/20, 4:23 AM

The advantage of the rapid development of technology has also been that people can reach the destination even when they wander the path. With the help of GPS service in smartphones, not only can you share your location with the rest, but also go to the marked location without any difficulty. If you are in a new place, Google Maps can be one of the most handy navigation tools.

Published on: 10/15/20, 4:19 AM

Apple has come up with its new MacBook Air. The new MacBook Air has been aided by magic keyboards. The price of this MacBook Air supplied with double memory has been kept at Rs 92,900. The company claims that the new MacBook Air will get dual CPU performance and 80 percent faster than graphics.

Published on: 10/15/20, 4:02 AM

Recently, Nokia has launched new phones - Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 1.3. These will be the cheapest phones of 2020. In a way, this will be the most affordable option for you. The brand new Nokia 8.3 5G has also launched two new affordable phones in nokia range handsets along with HMD Global.

Published on: 10/15/20, 4:01 AM

If you have any information, we usually resort to Google search engine. If you have any information, we usually resort to Google search engine. You get all sorts of information available on this. You get all sorts of information available on this. Google does not create any content, just give the platform to the site.

Published on: 10/15/20, 4:00 AM

Have you ever busy doing the most important work on your phone and suddenly your phone has started hanging? And the job you're doing is very important and you can't do it because your phone has stopped working. He started hanging a lot that you can not do anything without re starting the phone... We know you will be caught in such a situation many times.

Published on: 10/15/20, 3:59 AM

Google Doodle is remembering someone again this time as each time. This person is also important in today's time because he gave the world the benefits of hand washing for the first time. He's Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis. Born Jul. 1, 1818 in Buda, Hungary, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis spoke about washing hands for the first time and this is the biggest need of the day.

Published on: 10/15/20, 3:57 AM