On 24/3, to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the word "banh mi" included in the Oxford dictionary, Doodle Bread Vietnam appears on the homepage of Google more than 10 countries.

Google Doodle Bread presents common ingredients such as silk rolls, pork, pâté, butter and pickles together to create a typical Vietnamese loaf of bread.

On 24-3, Google announced Google Doodle Bread - animation of Vietnamese bread and traditional bread stand on the Google Vietnamese homepage ( and more than 10 other countries including USA, Canada, Singapore, France, Australia, Switzerland ...

Published on: 10/15/20, 3:01 AM

Admin$ shares or administrative shares are hidden network shares created by the Windows NT family of operating systems. They give system administrators remote access to every disk volume on a network-connected system

Published on: 10/14/20, 5:24 AM