Have you ever busy doing the most important work on your phone and suddenly your phone has started hanging? And the job you're doing is very important and you can't do it because your phone has stopped working. He started hanging a lot that you can not do anything without re starting the phone... We know you will be caught in such a situation many times.

Why we're not right... Or it may be that you have to make an emergency call to someone, and your phone does not allow you to do it. Many times, many such problems suddenly come to us when they should not come. And in this situation, our brains may be nothing but bad.


Also, if you've been constantly upset about your phone, slowing down, you've started to have a lot of other problems, so you no longer need to get upset or change your phone. Because here we have brought you some simple measures that can help you get rid of this problem within minutes.

Now you'll find out what to do, something you'll probably know, like shutting down your phone's background app, you can run your phone again for a while, and it also removes the phone heating problem , but you don't have to do anything like that. The measures will be easier.

So let's know what you have to do:

You should use a clean Master to refresh your phone correctly again... To use it, go to your phone's home screen to do so, you'll need to click the Center button. Then you will need to click the menu button. Now you need to go to the Clean Master app. Here you need to click on the memory booster option. And now you finally have to click the Boost button. As soon as you do this, you're ready to work as soon as you did it when you bought it. You can also speed up the delay of your phone by following these steps.

Uninstall older apps (apps you don't use) from your phone:

- First go to the settings option
Tap the app & Notifications (app Manager) option by going to app options here
Now go to all tabs in which all applications installed on your phone will appear for you
Remove apps from a list you're not using
Now, tap the app to uninstall
If the app is not deleted after clicking the Uninstall button, it can be a preinstalled application that you cannot delete to disable it from disabled or Tarn
Similarly repeat the same process for the apps you want to delete

Delete old files from your phone:

- Go to the menu and tap download or file options
Long Press here and delete any file you want to delete
Now, press and confirm the Recycle Bin button

Wipe cache from your phone:

- Go to the Settings option and tap on the storage and USB options here
Now TAP data storage options
Now click the OK button options

Good luck..

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