The advantage of the rapid development of technology has also been that people can reach the destination even when they wander the path. With the help of GPS service in smartphones, not only can you share your location with the rest, but also go to the marked location without any difficulty. If you are in a new place, Google Maps can be one of the most handy navigation tools.


Not necessarily every time Google Maps or navigation service is able to help you. 

Especially in a situation when your smartphone does not have Internet access, or cellular network is not coming. The main thing is that even in such a situation you can use offline GPS. However, you will already have to follow some steps. You already need to save location to run offline GPS and access maps on your Android device or iphone.

BRun offline GPS :-

It has happened to all of us that after going on a trip away and after all the preparations are completed, we find that there is no internet access. Even in such a situation, Google Maps can be your job. With the offline Maps option of Google Maps, you can also use GPS offline without Internet or cellular networks. With the help of this, a location map can already be downloaded and saved in your smartphone. You have to follow a few steps,

Follow These Steps to Use google maps in smartphones without internet  :-

Open the Google Maps app from your smartphone.
Then tap on your profile photo appearing in the top left and select Offline Maps.
Then tap on 'Select your own map' and choose the place where you're going to go.
The map will then be downloaded and you can also access it offline.

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