In this difficult period of coronavirus, people's activity on social media has increased considerably. People on WhatsApp are sending news, information, notifications and photos related to coronavirus to each other. These images and videos take a considerable part of your phone storage. If you haven't purchased cloud storage on Google Drive or aren't using file storing service drop boxes, you'll need to keep deleting these photos or videos every few days.



Do this problem solution :-

You can avoid this mess. But for this, you need to go to WhatsApp settings and make some changes. You'll know that videos and photos surround a large part of your phone storage. Let us tell you the recipe for dealing with this problem.

First go to WhatsApp settings. You'll see 3 dots at the right side of your phone's screen. You'll go to Settings as you click it. You'll then need to click on chats. Here you need to disable media visibility option. This won't connect any downloaded media, whether image video or audio, to your phone's storage.

But if you want to allow the media content of some of your contacts i.e. you want to keep their media in your phone storage, you have to adopt this approach-

First click the 3 dots on the top of the right from the chat window of that particular contact.

Select View Contact there. 

There you can enable enable Media visibility.
This can be selected from the pop box shown above.

Even if you fail to manage your phone storage space, it's better for you to adopt paid options. I.e. buy cloud storage on Google Drive or take the service of file storing service drop box.

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