Have you been bored by the Mobile Hang problem? Never mind! I'm going to tell you, How to fix mobile Hang problem.



Does your mobile hang up a lot?

Have you been bored by it?
Have you not found the right solution to this problem?
So no matter... The Solution you're looking for will find a complete solution to your (Mobile Hang) problem in this post! And then you'll be able to overcome the Mobile Hang problem yourself!

5 Effective ways that helps to fix Mobile Hang problem :-

1. Avoid multitasking in less then 1 gb ram Smartphone 

Here I ask you a question: If you are asked to do ten things together, will you be able to do it?

So you'd say: Ten things together... Na Baba Na... I won't be able to be! So i understand the point... When you don't have the ability to do so many kamo together, how can your mobile handle 10 apps simultaneously?

If your mobile high-end/high-end Flagship/Top Class is not there! You shouldnot use more apps together in your mobile!

It's the job of High RAM + High Processor Speed to manage so many apps together! If your mobile has Low RAM and Low Processor! So of course your mobile won't be able to manage so many apps simultaneously! And will hang!

That's why it's better not to use a lot of apps! I mean Close To Recent Tab! And just use that Particular App!

2. Delete Unwanted Data &files/free up space :-

It's common, today, mobile, and tomorrow you have a memory/memory. Storage full done! There are so many people who fill their mobile with (Videos, Images etc.)!

And then say my new mobile Slow is working! How to Fast Your Mobile? You haven't even left breathing space in it!
Yes, that's the right thing! Full of your mobile's Internal Storage also creates a mobile hang problem! Because your mobile needs Free Space to work better!

Internal Space must be empty at least 20-30% for better performance of mobile! Understand this example:

Let's say your phone's Internal Storage size is 32GB! So at least 20% of it (6.4GB) should remain empty! Only then won't your Mobile Hang!

So try today to leave at least 20% of your mobile's Full Storage blank!





3. Move apps to SD card free up Interal space :-

If your house has two rooms! And you have a room full! And some of the stuff you still have you want to keep!

So you'll quickly put those items in the other room lying empty! Just do the same with your mobile to avoid Hang Problem!Concept applies to your mobile as well! If your mobile has a Heavy App you don't want to remove! So you move that App to your SD Card!

What happens is that today's new Apps have grown considerably! As such, the Size of the Facebook App is about 72MB!

So if you don't want your mobile to hang, move such apps to Memory Card!

Doing so will also increase your mobile's Internal Storage Space! And your mobile will perform better than ever!

4.  Delete heavy apps from your Smartphone :-

If you really want your mobile to hang up at all! So this tips are vital to you!

I think that's the biggest root of Mobile Hang Problem! How come? – I'm going to talk about it too... Let's see if you think... Why if an App's Size is large enough?

Of course, his features will also be quite big! More RAM will be needed to run more Features!

So how not to do your Mobile Hang... While your Mobile has less RAM!

That's why you can immediately remove all those Heavy Apps (large-sized apps) Uninstall! And then see if your mobile will work like a new*

5. Force stop unwanted apps not too much use :- 

Let's sit in a light place today! And there's a bulb burning over there, which just doesn't work! Because there is already light!

What will you do now? You'll definitely turn that Bulb off! Because there is no need for him now!

This can also apply to Topic with this Mobile Hang Problem! Let us know how many apps you don't know in your mobile at the moment! But can you take everyone into work together? No...

Then why let those apps run in Background! Run any App requires Power, RAM, and Processor!

So you don't need apps that you need at that moment! Stop it force!

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